Challenges Faced for Postponing the Olympic Games


Due to the current pandemic situation, the IOC has announced postponing the TokyoOlympic Games of 2020 to 2021. This was a very informed decision and it was made after talking with everyone involved.

The consensus came due to the crisis we are facing now. The health issues of the players were of concern.

So, an event as big as this cannot be organized where thousands of people gather. However, this decision has resulted in several challenges.

Challenges Faced for Postponing the Olympic Games 1 - Challenges Faced for Postponing the Olympic Games

57% of the athletes have already qualified for the games and the committee has announced that their status will be valid next year also. The rest of the players still need to get qualified for which they need training.

As most places have banned gathering of people, training for team sports has become a challenge.

The sporting calendar needs to be adjusted as training sessions must be conducted for players participating in next year’s Olympics. Dates and venues are already booked for other events.

Now rescheduling has become a challenge. So, training has become uncertain for many players.

Making the new Olympic schedule is also a challenge. Many events are already booked for next year and now finding the time and venue for the 339 events that were supposed to take place in 42 venues can be challenging.

The decision to postpone the games have caused a lot of trouble for the partners and suppliers who had already planned things. Broadcasters and media partners are also facing schedule problems.

Now they have to reschedule everything and there is no guarantee that free slots will be available.

For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, already 150,000 staff and volunteers were recruited. Now the IOC committee has to recruit many people again as the previously recruited ones may not be available next year.

The postponing of the game has created lots of uncertainties and caused financial damage. However, it was the right decision to take considering the present circumstances.